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Willow Star holding tarot cards.

Dance into a life that honors your Soul's calling so you can. . .

feel healthy, energized, and at peace in your body

Cancer can be a catylst for change and a blessing in disguise

Turn inward and untilize the skills, gifts, and knowledge deep within you to manifest your healthiest, most fulfilling life.

You are willing and ready to do the work, I will help with the "HOW". Together we will find your way to an empowered, healthy, balanced lifestyle that supports all parts of your healing journey.

Willow Star smiling while sitting next to a tree.

are you ready to live a more

healthy, aligned life?

Feeling scared, hopeless, and overwhelmed no longer needs to be the norm.


Being dismissed by doctors who do not see ALL of YOU

Grinding away at a job that is depleting and uninspiring, when you know your soul's purpose is calling for you.

Staying in relationships that have obviously expired, out of fear of the unknown

Playing small as to not ruffle the feathers of those around you, when you know you are meant for more

Get inspired to take actionable steps towards empowered healing

Healing Hotline

I hold space for whatever arises. Sometimes you need tough love and sometimes you need Mama Willow energy. I'm here for it all and wherever you are on your journey. 

Our sessions together can focus on...

-look into "root cause" of your dis-ease, sickness, cancer

-empowered healing practices, mindsets & boundary setting

- stepping more powerfully and consciously into good health

Reflective listening, reframing and perspective shift exercises and my years of experience are a few of the tools I will use in our one on one call. I will give you some resources and strategic "homework" to help you after our call. I will follow up after to check in to see how you are doing.

$133 per session

$599 for a package of 5

*sliding scale for cancer thrivers 

Healing Hotline

Magical Van Healing

My magical healing van will transport you to a healing oasis where you will feel peace and ease. She is welcoming, loving, and full of healing magic - and fluffy pillows and crystals!

You'll experience...

- the opening, expansive qualities of home-made cacao made by yours truly

- pulling tarot/oracle cards and explore what they uncover and reflect back to you

- the support, guidance, inspiration that comes from exploring where you are at and addressing whatever arises together

This is a holistic healing experience to get yourself out of a rut and into the life you desire.

Whether it be business, personal, interpersonal, emotional or physical support, we will tap into it all.

You might be surprised what healing and inspiration comes to the surface in this safe space, that is part of the magic.

Price depends on location and length of experience.

Apply to receive a quote.

*sliding scale for cancer thrivers

Magical Van Healing

Success Stories

Success Stories



"Whenever I’m needing that extra boost of love and support, Willow has been there with nothing but love and understanding in her heart!"

Willow has been a fountain of encouragement for me through my journey! It can feel so lonely at times when your healing cancer, not to mention all the other feels that come along with this healing journey. I’m so grateful to have met her and to have her on my side while I’m going through all of this! I always feel so confident and supported every time after we talk and I can’t thank her enough for that. Willow has given me so much love and support, I am so grateful. She is such a beautiful soul!


"Willow is meant to be in my life and on my journey to heal my cancer. I don't know what I'd do without her guidance."

She helps me with all of the supplements, eating well, juicing, chemo, etc. She reminds me to stay in the moment - to find the joy, peace, and calm. Everything Willow said was articulated so well that I literally thought about everything she said for days! I so appreciate having her to keep me grounded through this all - she is so special to me!



Speaking Engagements

available for

I connect with people best through inspirational and informational storytelling. Bringing community together to learn, share and heal can revitalize and ignite change dramatically. Whether the gathering is big and spacious, or small and intimate, bring me in to inspire and uplift.

Contact me today to speak at your event about my book, Tinder and Tarot, or my life happenings.

Willow Star smiling in a field.

Want More From Willow?



Want to help make this all happen for those healing cancer?

Become an Angel today.

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