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Willow On The Road

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Travel is medicine for my soul,
bringing my offerings along is medicine for you!

Willow Star in her van

My van is a portal to a safe, healing cocoon where you can just “be”.

In my Van Healing sessions, we drop into noticing feelings. What’s alive? What needs to be released? I use cacao, tarot and deep inquiry to guide you to a place of reflection and healing.

Seeing my new friends on the road drop into a place of trust and relaxation when they settle into the van is pure medicine for my soul. From tears to "aha" moments, the van and I welcome all emotions. The transformations I have witnessed are so very inspiring.




"I received inspiration and support through my personal transformation."

Willow's van is a capsule of healing and inspiration. Her ability to open herself up and know what is needed is a gift she has earned through her own journey and survival. My recent time spent with her and doing a reading, has given me inspiration and support in my personal transformation. Sitting upon a pile of pillows with a cup of magic cacao, I felt heard, seen and loved. Willow is a fountain of good energy that is contagious, and wisdom that is generously shared.


"My van healing with Willow gave time and space to discuss my cancer journey in a realistic and positive light, allowing for further learning, growth, and perspective."

I recently had the privilege of participating in a van healing session with Willow. I have been focused on healing from metastatic breast cancer for the past three years and have been searching for someone to connect with that has been in my shoes. Willow gets it! In her I have found a genuine ally, an inspiring human, and best of all a caring friend. She truly is a light for me in my cancer journey.

Willow Star's smiling client

Emily M.

"Willow, where are you now?"

I get this question daily and I can't tell you how much I love it! I am finally living my dream of adventure and travel while supporting those who are committed to healing and living their dream life. It is possible!

Take my hand...let me show you how!

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