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Here is a list of things I LOVE and use in my cancer healing journey and van life.

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This book was gifted to me within a week of my stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I can say I follow all 10 key healing factors (the 10th one was added in the next book Radical Hope) and this is my number one recommendation!! It is how I live my life every single day and the healing factors in this book are why I believe I am thriving with stage 4 cancer. It is an amazing gift to anyone wanting to prevent cancer too.


This book is so inspirational. Tara was referred to hospice, the cancer had eaten through her hip, she was riddled with cancer throughout her whole body….and now she is thriving! This is one very powerful and inspiring book.


This book, alongside my planner pad, has really helped me create easy systems and routines to free up my mind and reduce stress. It showed me what my sabotaging tendencies were and how to work around them.


This book has been an incredible guide for me to navigate some old beliefs systems and communicate and show up in the world as a better version of myself.

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High potency and high quality supplements.

I LOVE this company so very much! I discovered them in 2017 at ShaktiFest and have been using them ever since. They are a small family owned supplement company that was conceived in 2008. The founder's mom was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2004 and that sparked a deeper dive into healing supplements.

What I take:

Immunity Matrix, MSM Morning Mix, Cordyceps, D3&K2, Iodine, Turmeric Oil Full Spectrum, Minerals, B Complex, Colostrum, Camu Camu, Chlorella, Zeolite, Amino Plus, Astaxanthin, Iodine, Magnesium Spray and Monk Fruit (100% monk fruit!) I haven't tried anything I didn't like.

Feral Fungi

High quality mushroom supplements in tincture form


I have used medicinal mushrooms since the very beginning of my healing journey and will continue to for the rest of my life. Mushrooms are adaptogens and can support our whole body healing in so many ways. There is a lot of science and data showing that mushrooms are beneficial in healing cancer amongst other things. I use different ones and rotate as they recommend this with mushrooms. Take breaks and adjust/revisit.

Jason at Feral fungi is so knowledgeable about mushrooms. All mushroom supplements are not created equal. His are all made in Oregon with fruit bodies. He will guide and recommend products as well as customize tinctures for your individual needs. I refer as many people to him as I can because I love his tinctures so much.

High Quality Mushroom Blend in Powder Form

Ora ceremonial cacao company sells this incredible mushroom blend. I add to my chai tea or cacao and I have amazing clean even energy all day and I know the mushrooms are doing amazing things to my cells! Love this powder! As I said, I switch up my mushroom supplements.

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Zypan Supplement for Digestion

A digestive support supplement that I take in conjunction with the pancreatic enzyme.

Pancreatic Enzyme

I take this for liver support and digestion. I have been on these since the beginning.

Ancestral Supplements: Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules

I take these when I am feeling run down and my Red Blood Counts are down and they go right back up. I eat mostly plants and sometimes I just need some animal protein. These give me lots of energy.

Bioplasma Cell Salts Tablets

This is a natural, homeopathic combination of cell salts vital to cellular function. I have taken theses daily for 6 years. No rhyme or reason to how many I take or how many times. If i am feeling like something is coming on I take more. They dissolve in your mouth, are inexpensive and support our cells and boost immunity. Great for the whole family!

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Other Supportive Products

Toiletry Bag for Supplements

I have three of these in different colors. I have one full of my supplements, so they are always ready to go and I can take bag anywhere and have supplements all in one place. I also have one for my tarot decks and one for my travel toiletries! I love, love love this product.

The BEST Self Planner Pad

I talk about this planner pad all the time!! It has supported me in creating and tracking healthy habits. I keep everything in there! From daily and weekly calendars to bucket list items (i love this part) and project planning spaces. There are tons of places to take notes and record info. I can’t imagine life without this!

Hot Water Bottle with Faux Fur Cover

This little gem is my savior! I have two. One in my house and one in my van. I use it all the time. It is so comforting when I feel anxious or have pain. I cuddle up with it on cold nights and it keeps me super toasty all night, especially in my van or while camping. It is a big part of my self love practices.

The Muse Tarot

Tarot and Oracle cards have become a supportive way for me to connect with myself and Sprit/God/ Creator. This is my go to when i am in boss lady mode! They help me see where I can focus energy or what I need to overcome. I love this deck so much!

Coaching with Tracy

Tracy has helped me to get to a place where my healing protocols are now a beautiful part of my day. She also helps people transition to new jobs or a career that serves them. Cancer can bring so much change, having a job you love is key!


Yoga with Rachael

My dear friend Rachel offers up an online gently yoga class three times a week. She also has a library of yoga videos you can purchase to do on your own time. She also offers Ayurvedic coaching. She is a wealth of wellness information!

The Work with Byron

I have found Byron Katie's, The Work, to be an amazing tool for navigating mindset. Check out her Youtube channel and website where she has more FREE tools than you can imagine! Check it out and download the worksheets

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