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Join the supportive community that helps guide people to better health!

Throughout my healing journey, Angels have supported me since day one and have helped me afford the astronomical costs of cancer.

Angels are Angels regardless of how much they are able to contribute. Every dollar counts when it comes to improving health, and every cent is used wisely to facilitate my personal healing and the healing of others with cancer. It is your contributions that free me up to support the people who need my help the most. It is a beautiful ecosystem and I thank you for being an Angel to me and those I help with cancer.

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It is my life's purpose to 
support, inspire and educate women with cancer and especially stage 4 breast cancer, so they feel empowered in their healing journey

Your donation will ....

  • provide FREE one-on-one support to those who can not afford it. 

  • support more educational content creation, and curation of resources

  • offset the costs immersion weekends for people healing cancer

Donate Today!



I donated to Willow because I believe good people will win in the end, and Willow, my fairy, is a good person. When I first hired Willow for a maternity photoshoot, I was super happy to meet her and we just clicked. She went on to do our newborn and family photos for the next 5 years. When I was having difficulties in my life, Willow was so caring, loving, and supportive. Her talents and good vibes helped me through so many highs and lows. I love her.

- Joy W.

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