meet your 

cancer thriver

I'm Willow.

hey there,

(formerly keri vaca)

New name - still intimate, a little raw, and a lot of spontaneous.


After being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and leaving my marriage, I’ve channeled all that I’ve learned into potent, transformational experiences that help bring you and your life back into balance.

Life gets fucked UP. I'm here for it, and I'm here for you.



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By financially supporting me and my mission, you are supporting countless women who are healing cancer.

Leaving my marriage and getting diagnosed with stage 4 cancer all at the same time left me lost and scared. I am so grateful for my community supporting me in my healing every step of the way. It is now my soul’s calling to be in service and gift all I have learned in the past 5 years to those in need of my invaluable knowledge, support, and guidance.


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I will be offering Willow's Hotline and Van Healing Hour on my full website coming July.

Thank you for helping me make this a reality.