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Whether you are looking for ongoing support or just need one time support to navigate a certain situation I’ve got you. I want to hear your deepest fears and help you transmute them into your biggest dreams.

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Get inspired to take actionable steps towards the healthiest you yet

I trust in the magic of the universe, and believe there are no coincidences. If you found your way here, and resonate with my story and offerings, show yourself some love and reach out.

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I met Willow this summer on Mount Shasta. She welcomed me into her cozy van, and though it was our first time meeting, she knew I needed to talk. I had recently left a long term, toxic relationship with a narcissist and alcoholic. Once I described my situation and Willow shared her story, I found so many parallels to my own story, I knew I had come to the right person. Willow is warm, loving, intuitive and giving. She offers insight and hope for me that I can find inner strength to transform my life.

- Sharon

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