How Van Healing Sessions Came To Fruition!

Forest Fairy and me!

What A Gift!

When I was gifted my van , Forest Fairy, from my generous friend Dr. Dave, I had no idea how magical she actually was. I knew she was super cute and fun (that is a given when you see her) and a year later I will say she is still super cute and she is also incredibly healing and supportive.

I hear it every time someone pokes their head in.

Cue the gasp, eyes brighten, jaw opens wide

“Wow, it’s magical in here!”

“The vibe is soooo good”

“I feel so safe.”

These reflections were, and still are, music to my ears!

From Cuddle Puddles to Cacao

When I got “Forest Fairy” I knew I had to share her with others. I started inviting people in to check her out and show her off. Then random strangers started inviting themselves in! I loved this!! She was an instant hit. First there were lots of conversations and cuddle puddles. I was in heaven! Then I started offering my new friends my yummy cacao elixirs and hippy snacks, while pulling tarot cards and sharing openly about my healing journey. I found it very natural to share so freely and it in turn opened up the space for them to share as well.