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How Van Healing Sessions Came To Fruition!

Forest Fairy and me!

What A Gift!

When I was gifted my van , Forest Fairy, from my generous friend Dr. Dave, I had no idea how magical she actually was. I knew she was super cute and fun (that is a given when you see her) and a year later I will say she is still super cute and she is also incredibly healing and supportive.

I hear it every time someone pokes their head in.

Cue the gasp, eyes brighten, jaw opens wide

“Wow, it’s magical in here!”

“The vibe is soooo good”

“I feel so safe.”

These reflections were, and still are, music to my ears!

From Cuddle Puddles to Cacao

When I got “Forest Fairy” I knew I had to share her with others. I started inviting people in to check her out and show her off. Then random strangers started inviting themselves in! I loved this!! She was an instant hit. First there were lots of conversations and cuddle puddles. I was in heaven! Then I started offering my new friends my yummy cacao elixirs and hippy snacks, while pulling tarot cards and sharing openly about my healing journey. I found it very natural to share so freely and it in turn opened up the space for them to share as well.

Oh, You Bet She All Sorts of Fluffy

Filled with all sorts of earthy colored fluffy pillows, faux fur blankets, cozy rugs and stuffed animals, the van transformed into a very safe healing cocoon. I noticed people could easily dive deep into emotions that felt hard to share otherwise, or were buried below many layers of self protection. I would watch their bodies instantly melt and surrender into the “squish”. Their faces visibly relaxed and they quickly let their guard down.

Oftentimes tears would spontaneously start rolling down their cheeks. Feeling safe and held is not the norm for most of us. That alone can bring the crocodile tears.

People shared very vulnerably about the difficulties they were facing in their life - from the death of a loved one, to losing their job, to being in a toxic relationship, to having depression or addiction. I heard it all. They let it all out.

Feeling All The Feels

I found it very easy to hold space and just listen to what was alive for them. The safe container seemed like a fast track to easier and more vulnerable sharing. If you know me, I am a true libra who loves deep connection more than anything. I was in my wheelhouse.

They would share all the emotions they were experiencing from rage, anxiety, confusion, disappointment, exhaustion and heartbreak. After drinking cacao, a heart opening mayan chocolate superfood I would feel them open even more to receiving support and opening up even more. Pulling cards from my tarot/oracle decks brought another layer of support to our healing session. It was eerie how the cards delivered just the right words/messages they needed to hear at that moment. Pure healing magic!

By the end of our session, they would look lighter, be smiling more, and say how they felt better and had hope things could and would get better. No matter what they were facing, they always could start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The responses were so overwhelmingly positive that I started doing more and more, “goddess hour” or “van healing sessions” as I call them. Then I had an idea to offer them specifically to women healing cancer!

Purpose With Clarity

That is when my purpose became very clear. This was a perfect place to share all I have learned during the last 5 years of my life, while I was healing stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I decided to find as many women as I could who were healing cancer, to join me in “Forest Fairy” for these sessions. Supporting women with cancer feels so aligned, I know this is my calling.

Word got out and I have been traveling around California the past few months visiting women with cancer and giving them these powerful, potent, transformative van healing sessions at no charge. I also have continued to support those who do not have cancer as well. I love supporting all who want to heal and grow and are ready to do the work to free themselves from anything that is holding them back or making them “sick”.

It has been rewarding, on every level! The level of healing that has taken place in Forest Fairy is so amazing to witness. I have made some incredibly deep friendships through this practice. It is clear this is my purpose and passion.

Experience a Van Healing Session For Yourself

Please reach out if you are in the Bay Area and would like to book a van healing session with me. If you are not in the bay reach out and let me know you want me to come to your town, you never know what city I will end up in! Stay up to date on my whereabouts on IG @meetwillowstar.

Each time I am hired for a session, it directly supports those healing cancer, as this helps cover my gas, repairs, food etc while gifting sessions to the cancer thrivers I visit. If you are healing cancer please reach out for your complimentary van session.

You can donate directly to my Go Fund Me- if you would like to help me continue giving my time and energy to those healing cancer.

Thank you and many blessings to you!


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